intro- Illusion can be created to perceive to those around you that your someone your not, or create a new identity to hide your true self or backround. It may be created in order to achieve your dreams, or be seen through the eyes of the golden girl, as wealthy and appealing. By creating this […]

The American dream is a dream in which everyone is equal and receives opportunity and reward according to their achievement and hard work. This is quoted by James Truslow Adams who played an important role in the making of the American dream and the creation of the image that many would give all for in […]

Character Describe three key characters and explain how they change throughout the novel. NICK Nick at the start of the novel stated that he was unjudgeable and was looking into the life of gatsby and the high class that lived in west egg. As nick becomes immersed in gatsby’s life he begins to fade away […]

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